Refined Corn Oil

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With excellent Corn Oil, you can fry up some fun! This one-gallon container will suffice for all of your frying requirements. It includes only one ingredient: pure corn oil, and no preservatives. This oil can be used in a stovetop pan or an electric deep fryer.

Refined Corn Oil descriptions

You can fry anything: french fries, chicken tenders, doughnuts, cauliflower, falafel, onion rings, shrimp, fish, pickles, you name it. Prepare your next entrée, side dish, or snack with corn oil for a satisfyingly crunchy texture. Deep-frying Oreos, peanut butter, and jelly sandwiches will bring the state fair to your kitchen.

Make some wings and invite pals to watch the game with you. This container has a wrap cap and a plastic handle for durability and mess-free use. Keep it in your pantry until you’re ready to use it. Deep fry your next meal using Great Value Corn Oils!

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  • Great Value Corn Oil, 1 gal
  • 1 gallon
  • Twist off cap
  • Best for frying
  • No preservatives

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1 Ton


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